Best Paradores in Spain

In this article we recommend the 10 best Paradores in Spain for you to enjoy good food, culture, art and nature with your partner or friends.

It is very difficult to decide which are the best Paradores in Spain. All the Parador hotels have unique characteristics, starting with the uniqueness of the historic building in which they are located. In addition, Paradores of Spain are distinguished by the quality of their services and the friendliness of their staff. But we must not forget that when considering which are the best Paradores in Spain, personal experience plays a very important role: if you have been happy in one of them, that will be for you the most charming Parador hotel. With all this in mind, we have compiled this list of the 10 best Paradores in Spain, from Galicia to the Canary Islands. Which is for you the best Parador in Spain?

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Parador de Costa da Morte

Since it opened its doors in 2020, the Parador de Costa da Morte, or Parador de Muxía, has always been among the best Paradores in Spain and, of course, among the best Paradores in Galicia. Although it is not in a historic building, but of new construction, something that is always highly valued by Parador hotels fans, we have decided to include it for the originality of its design and its range of services, among which are the spa and the outdoor pool, with transparent bottom, overlooking the sea.

The spa at the Parador de Costa da Morte makes it one of the best Paradores with spa in Spain. The rooms at the Parador da Costa da Morte are functional and bright, and have a small private terrace from which you can have breakfast overlooking the nearby beach of Lourido. The success of this Parador hotel is such that the rooms are occupied at full speed, so hurry to book your getaway at the Parador de Costa da Morte! From this Parador you can discover the town of Muxía, the lighthouse of Cabo Vilán, the first electric lighthouse in Spain, or the cities of A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela, which are only an hour’s drive away.


Parador de Lorca

Another of the best Paradores in Spain is in Lorca, Murcia. It is another of the most modern Parador hotel, but unlike the Parador de Costa da Morte, the Parador de Lorca is located in a historic building and a unique setting: the Fortaleza del Sol, behind whose walls the Jewish community of this town was protected since the late fourteenth century. Today, the Jewish quarter and synagogue of Lorca are considered unique in the world. If you dare to book at the Parador de Lorca, you can discover one of the most modern Parador Hotels in Spain and one of the best Paradors with spa.

But another of the most incredible things about this Parador are the views from the upper terraces, ideal for an aperitif at sunset. Lorca offers several interesting museums and a unique architectural heritage. In the surroundings of Lorca you can enjoy the good beaches of Murcia (Calnegre, Playa Larga) and coves (Junquera, Cala Honda) or popular towns like Águilas (36 km.) or Murcia (75 km) or, why not, reach the Tabernas Desert, in Almería, where, besides the western villages, you can enjoy a unique nature, archaeological sites and white villages like Sorbas.


Parador de Granada

The Parador de Granada is one of the most romantic Paradores in Andalusia and, without doubt, one of the best Paradores in Spain for its location, within the Alhambra, its views of the Generalife and the successful combination of history and contemporary services. This Parador hotel occupies part of the old Franciscan convent that Isabel the Catholic ordered to be built after conquering Granada in 1493.

Another of the curiosities that make the Parador de Granada one of the most charming Parador hotels in Spain is that the first burial place of the famous queen is located there. The rooms, although contemporary in style, are full of details of the city’s past, and are comfortable and pleasant, as are the common areas. If you want to surprise your partner with an unforgettable romantic weekend, you have to book a room at the Parador de Granada and live two unforgettable experiences: watch the sunset over the Generalife and take a night walk, both together, by the Alhambra.


Parador de Santo Estevo

Santo Estevo, in the Ribeira Sacra, is another of the best Paradores in Spain because of how well they have managed to combine a historic building of singular beauty and importance, the Monastery of Santo Estevo, with the modernity of the services of a four-star hotel. Among these services, the spa stands out, which in addition to its facilities with all the details, is distinguished by its outdoor spaces, surrounded by forest, with the Sil Canyons in the background.

Another aspect that helps make this one of the best Paradores de Turismo in Spain is that it has only 77 rooms, an ideal number for a romantic weekend without crowds. If you like Parador Hotels for the uniqueness of the buildings in which they are usually located, keep in mind that the Monastery of Santo Estevo, whose origins date back to the sixth and seventh centuries, was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1923 and do not miss its three cloisters, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

If you decide to book your getaway at the Parador de Santo Estevo, do not hesitate to enjoy the Route of the Viewpoints over the Sil, authentic “Galician fjords”, and visit some of the wineries that perform the amazing heroic viticulture, with vineyards on almost vertical walls.


Parador de Sigüenza

If we talk about Parador hotels as unique as those that are located in fortresses. Because the castles of Spain are ideal for romantic getaways, especially if you want to break the monotony and surprise your partner with a totally original weekend. Among all the Parador in castles it is difficult which one can be among the best Paradores in Spain, because there are several candidates: the Parador de Cardona, which has a ghost included, for example; or the Parador de Alarcón, undoubtedly one of the most charming Paradores in Spain.

In the end, we have decided to include the Parador de Sigüenza in this tour of the best Paradores in Spain for, again, that successful combination of modernity and history and for having a long tradition of literary and musical encounters. In addition, the Parador de Sigüenza is close to many cities in Spain: an hour and a half from Madrid and Teruel, two from Zaragoza, etc, which makes it the perfect romantic getaway for many couples.

The rooms of this Parador hotel are spacious, bright and stylish, but the common areas are also ideal for a romantic weekend, especially in summer, when you can enjoy the courtyards and the rounds of the twelfth century for an aperitif or a drink. If you dare to book at the Parador de Sigüenza, do not forget to go to meet the Doncel, in the nearby Cathedral of Sigüenza.


Parador de Cazorla

In a good selection of Paradores in Spain can not miss one surrounded by nature. Among all those eligible, we have chosen the Parador de Cazorla for the extraordinary beauty of its surroundings and the number of experiences it offers: from hiking and biking trails to vulture watching, a visit to the source of the Guadalquivir or the nearby town of Cazorla. In addition, another aspect that makes it one of the best Paradores in Spain is that it allows pets in several of its rooms.

The atmosphere of its rooms evokes the uniqueness of traditional Andalusian farmhouses, which is appreciated throughout the year, but especially in autumn, the best time to book at the Parador de Cazorla, since it is then when the surrounding forests are dyed in all shades of red, orange, yellow and brown you can imagine. Of course, if you want to enjoy this Parador hotel in summer, bring a swimsuit, because it is one of the best Paradores with swimming pool in Spain.


Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

It is impossible not to include some reference to the Canary Islands when talking about the best Paradores in Spain. There are three reasons why we have decided to include Cruz de Tejeda, in Gran Canaria, as one of the best Parador hotel in Spain: its location, its style and its spa. This Parador hotel is in a mountainous cortado and all its rooms have views of the Risco Caído, a Cultural Landscape, and the Sacred Spaces of the Mountains of Gran Canaria, a World Heritage Site since 2019.

In addition, it is very close to Tejeda, a super interesting town to discover the characteristics of the original peoples of the island. If you book at the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda you can enjoy hiking and cultural visits and, to finish off the day, relax with your partner, in another of the best Parador spas. If you can, be sure to enjoy the sunset from the outdoor pool, one of the most incredible of the chain.


Parador de Cangas de Onís

History and location mean that the Parador de Cangas de Onís should also be considered one of the best Paradores in Spain. Although, let’s not fool ourselves, the affection that also inspires the Tierrina, that is, Asturias, contributes to this. This Parador hotel occupies the former premises of the Monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva, from where, by the way, the name “Campanu”, with which the first salmon caught each season is known, originated.

Over time, they have added a modern construction, quite well designed so as not to break the aesthetics of the whole. However, if you are going to book at the Parador de Cangas de Onís, opt for a room in the original building. They may be smaller, but they certainly have much more charm, especially if you want to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend getaway. The location of this Parador is perfect for visiting many of the most popular places in Asturias: from the nearby town of Cangas de Onís, which you can reach with a pleasant walk along the banks of the Sella River, to the Picos de Europa, with the Sanctuary of Covadonga and the Enol and Ercina Lakes, without forgetting Arriondas or the Mirador del Fitu (20 minutes away by car).

And don’t forget to enjoy the nearby church of the monastery, a Historic-Artistic Monument since 1907! You can discover the story of the famous King Favila and his confrontation with a bear. To complete a romantic getaway to this Parador, nothing like taking advantage of its Cheese Bar, a super original idea if you are a cheese lover; the pairings of Asturian products that are usually proposed or the unique spaces for a romantic dinner. The option of the Chapel of San Miguel is really special if you want to put the icing on the cake to your romantic weekend at Paradores.


Parador de Alcalá de Henares

One of the best Paradores with spa near Madrid that can also be included among the best Paradores in Spain is the one in Alcala de Henares. And the decision is due to several reasons: its architectural design, full of curiosities such as the netting that covers one of its facades, designed to preserve the privacy of the rooms, but also to reduce the impact of the sun.

The history of the building in which it is located, which was the former Colegio Mayor de San Jerónimo, but which has also had other uses since the 17th century; its proximity to almost all the places to see in Alcalá de Henares and its link with the Hostería del Estudiante, one of the oldest and best restaurants in Madrid. Nor should we forget that its spa, located in the old church, is another of the best Parador spas, especially if you want to enjoy a romantic weekend with a special touch.

The rooms at this Parador are modern, functional and elegant, and the common areas are spacious and pleasant. If you decide to book at the Parador de Alcalá de Henares, don’t forget to visit the Paraninfo Hall, where the Cervantes Prize for Literature is awarded every year.


Parador de El Hierro

Another of the best Paradores in Spain brings us back to the Canary Islands: the Parador de El Hierro. Its inclusion in this selection of Parador hotels is due to the curiosities of its history, its particular location and the tremendous feeling of freshness, freedom and simplicity that is breathed there.

If you book at the Parador de El Hierro you can enjoy what is possibly one of the most charming Parador Hotels in Spain, in one of the most unique islands in the world, perfect to disconnect from everything and enjoy nature at your leisure. The cliffs and the ocean surround this Parador, far from any urban center. Its rooms are simple, but very pleasant, with striking touches of color in the form of pillows or fresh flowers and coquettish terraces overlooking the sea.

Although El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, if you book at its Parador hotel you will discover that there are many things to do: visit coves and beaches, go scuba diving, visit the Orchilla Lighthouse, etc. But don’t forget that the must-do to make this romantic getaway unforgettable is at sunset at the Parador’s swimming pool.